11 Purple Lotus Logos: Ideas for a Floral Brand

The Purple Lotus Patient Center in San Jose uses this fresh and modern purple colour to modernize their natural products.
Lotus flowers are a popular choice when picking symbols for yoga studios. This yoga studio uses a window effect to create a badge logo.
In-home care organisation Home Instead upgraded their logo in 2022 to this clean purple flower logo design.
Flora and fauna meet in this purple lotus icon for a yoga app. The symmetry in the design adds to the zen feeling.
Inspirations provide beauty and therapy services in the UK and this stamp-style purple lotus logo gives it a seal of approval.
Although not a lotus, this purple logo features the official flower of Hong Kong and as the icon of a local political party.
If you don’t feel calm just from looking at this purple lotus icon then you will be calm after getting the app and listening to the meditation sounds.
Lotuswei combines petals with a ship wheel to represent exploration and personal growth for their eCommerce brand.
A purple lotus completes a circle, representing the wholeness of the herbal supplements created by the Whole Care brand.
This might be the shiniest icon on Brandspiral. It’s from the album art of a song called ‘come thru’.
Curantis Solutions creates software for hospices and these purple pastel colors make the brand feel warm and approachable.

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