What is Brandspiral?

Brandspiral helps you choose a name for your business.

Choosing a business name is one of the most exciting parts of starting up, but it can also be scary. After all, picking the wrong name can make it almost impossible to succeed in business. At Brandspiral we make it easy and stress-free to choose a name for your new business. We have a developed a bespoke system called the Brandspiral Blueprint which can generate thousands of business name ideas and then filter them down to one perfect name for your business.

Meet The Founder

Photo of James Rayers, founder of Brandspiral

James Rayers

Brandspiral was launched by James Rayers in 2022 to share insights into digital branding. For more than 15 years James has been coming up with business names before the big agencies think of them. By using the same systems and theories as branding agencies, James has been able to register hundreds of unique domain names that are then bought and built-on by leading companies.

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