1000+ Ideas for Architecture Firm Names

The Sydney Opera House made from word ideas for architecture firm names

Most people will tell you that a great name shouldn’t need an explanation. but rather than give you thousands of architecture firm name ideas right on this page I want to explain the origin of a few different names so you can get some ideas for how you can generate architecture firm names for yourself.

Once you learn the ropes you can download the architecture word list and the top architecture firm names to come up with architecture firm names that fit your business.

How To Name An Architecture Firm

The simplest way to name your architecture firm is to use a proven formula. We analysed 75,000 architecture companies worldwide to reveal common characteristics of their business names.

Use 3 words or less

78.2% of architecture company names contain 3 words or less.

Avoid restricted words

In some states and countries there are restrictions on using architectural references in your registered business name. Check with your local agencies before picking a name. There are no restrictions on using words in your domain name.

Consider ampersand or plus

8.9% of architecture firms included & or + symbols in their name. For example Smith & Associates, Smith + Partners or Smith Design & Build Services.

Use a common formula

The most popular 2 word naming formulas for architecture firms are listed below.

  • _____ Architects
  • _____ Design
  • _____ Architecture
  • _____ Studio
  • _____ Associates
  • _____ Group
  • _____ Architect
  • _____ Architectural
  • _____ Consulting
  • _____ Consultants
  • _____ Designs
  • _____ Urban
  • _____ Services
  • _____ Atelier
  • _____ Partners
  • _____ Solutions
  • _____ Studios
  • _____ Consultancy
  • _____ Space
  • _____ Designers
  • _____ Projects
  • _____ Homes
  • _____ Creative
  • _____ Arch
  • _____ Concepts
  • _____ Global
  • _____ Works
  • _____ Living
  • _____ Consultant

For more inspiration you could also check out some graphic design business names where studio and design are also commonly used as suffixes. I have used these exact formulas to generate architecture firm names that you can use today.

Best Architecture Firm Names

We analysed 5935 domain names ending with architect, architects, and architecture to find the most popular company name combinations. Below are the best architecture company names according to the number of registered domains, ranked from highest to lowest popularity.

  • Green Architecture
  • Open Architects
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Living Architecture
  • Eco Architecture
  • Modern Architecture
  • Space Architecture
  • Urban Architects
  • Master Architect
  • Your Architect
  • Home Architect
  • Edge Architects
  • Future Architects
  • Seed Architects
  • Fabric Architecture
  • New Architecture
  • Smart Architects
  • Studio Architecture
  • Design Architecture
  • Pure Architecture
  • United Architects
  • Alpha Architects
  • Dream Architect
  • Creative Architects
  • Impact Architects
  • Legacy Architects
  • Cube Architects
  • A+ Architects
  • Form Architects
  • Cornerstone Architects
  • Indigo Architecture
  • Advanced Architecture
  • Viva Architecture
  • Residential Architects
  • Fusion Architects
  • Identity Architects
  • Point Architects
  • Capital Architects
  • Ace Architects
  • Loop Architects
  • Beyond Architecture
  • Commercial Architecture
  • Fluid Architecture
  • Ink Architecture
  • ABC Architecture
  • City Architect
  • Passivehouse Architect
  • Line Architects
  • Pacific Architects
  • Neo Architects
  • Nest Architects
  • Zen Architects
  • Ark Architects
  • Grid Architects
  • Idea Architects
  • Horizon Architects
  • Atelier Architects
  • Place Architects
  • Origin Architecture

You can download our full list of the 250 best architecture firm names here.

Catchy Architecture Firm Names

Alpha Architecture

Alpha is one of the most common words for a reason. The combination with architecture is great alliteration.


Nirvana is a state of mind one hopes to feel in a well designed home. This is a rhyming blend of urban nirvana.

A+ Atelier

The A+ is visually similar to the At from the start of atelier which makes this memorable and creative.

People + Place

One of the most important aspects of architecture is the relationship a place and the people that inhabit it.


To be an expert means to know something inside out. This visual name also creates mental images of a building.

Sinan Studio

Mimar Sinan was a famous Ottoman architect. This name suggests historic credibility and is even more memorable when combined with a story.

Spacemaker Design

Wondering why this name sounds familiar already? It has a common word – pacemaker – built in so it’s already memorable.

Perspective Collective

Architects use perspectives to make their designs work from all angles. The rhyming makes this name catchy.

Cool Architecture Firm Names

Aeon Architect

Great designs should last for a long time. Great architecture should last for aeons.

Keystone Design

The keystone is a defining part of an architectural structure. How could you not hire a firm called keystone?

Focal Architects

A great building will command your focus. A great architecture firm could make a building a focal point.

Eiffel Concepts

The Eiffel tower was only built for a few years. Great concepts last longer than they are designed for.

Vector Atelier

Mathematics words like vector are great for architect names due to the precise nature of the work.


A mason creates buildings from units of material. A shapemason creates building from different shapes.

Portico Architecture

Architects will know the portico as a type of porch. Historic aspects of a trade make great brands.

Lightbeam Architects

A beam is a structural element and a beam of light is what you need within a home.

Creative Architecture Firm Names

Lifespace Architecture

Living space is one of the key areas in the home. Lifespace is a more brandable way to refer to great living space.

Cubic Space

Not as cryptic as a lightyear, cubic space is a more literal reference to the space and breathability in designed homes.

Vana Consultants

Take a nice sounding snippet from the word nirvana and pair it with a popular firm name. Simple and creative.

Archie Studio

This sounds like a friendly firm due to being a common first name while it also has a similar structure to architect.

Lightyear Architects

Space is an important measurement in architecture. A lightyear is a measure of distance in a different kind of space.

Ark Tech

Modern technology is an important part of the architects toolkit. And an ark is a biblical and comfortable home. It also sounds like architect when you say it.

Unbuilt Architects

Architects generally design buildings that are yet to be built. Who better to design the unbuilt than this firm.


Another name that uses similar sounds to the base word architect. Maybe more suited to a magazine.

Unique Architecture Firm Names

According to IBISWorld there are nearly 75,000 architecture firms in the US alone. That means it could be hard to find an available architecture company name. These unique architecture firm names are not taken in the .com domain extension which gives you instant credibility as the original firm using the name.

Vinci Concepts

It’s not widely known but Da Vinci was a skilled architect. This name is a nod to the trusted historical figure.

Serenity Architects

Harmony of design elements is key in architecture. A simple thesaurus swap for harmony gives this firm name.

Temple Consultancy

A building is a temple to the people who live and work within it. Architects are the designers of these temples.

Function + Form

Great architecture combines a functional living space with a beautiful form.

Inside Out Architect

To be an expert means to know something inside out. This visual name also creates mental images of a building.


This attention-grabbing name is a misspelling of atelier based on how it sounds.


A housewright is someone who builds houses. This subtle variation is arguably more brandable.

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