1000+ Ideas for Notary Business Names

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Looking for notary business name ideas? You’re in the right place.

How To Name A Notary Business

Are you wondering how to come up with a notary business name? Check out our top tips below.

Allude to speed and mobility

A strong theme in many notary business names is speed and convenience. If you plan to offer convenient mobile notary services consider words related to mobility —  like on-the-go — and speed — like rapid or speedy.

Focus on people who need a notary in your area

There are millions of notaries in the US and most are restricted to offering services in only one state. A notary business name like Your Local Notary will not help you find customers you can service, whereas a name like Speedy Texas Notary will make it easier for the right customers to find you.

Best Notary Business Names

Rocket Notary

With a notary company name like this you can be sure of a fast and efficient service.

Sign Here Notary

Cleverly refers to the stickers on long documents that indicate where a signature is required.

Anytime Notary

Implies a notary business that focuses on convenience and is always available.

I Need A Notary

Written from the perspective of customers who require notary services.

Docs Today

Emphasizes the ability to get documents notarized on the same day.

Integrity Notary

This notary business name demonstrates the commitment to honesty and trustworthiness.

Nearby Notary

Convenient and accessible notary services in the local area of a customer.

Pinpoint Notary

A name that simply conveys accuracy and precision.

Inked Notary

Once a document has been notarized it could be considered inked.

Speedy Mobile Notary

Fast and flexible service, with the ability to travel to meet customers.

Unique Notary Business Names

According to the National Notary Association, there are more than 4.4 million individuals and businesses providing notary services in the United States. That means it is important to have a unique notary business name to stand out from the crowd.

Cursive Notary

Cursive is the style of handwriting typically used to write and record legal documents.

Hallmark Notary

Refers to the traditional use of hallmarks to certify the quality of products and minerals.

Signable Notary

Documents that are ready to be notarized could be considered signable.

Signet Notary

Signets are unique symbols or marks, used to authenticate and verify legal documents.

Inkpad Notary

This name refers to the tool used in when writing with traditional ink.

Stylus Notary

Is it a pen or digital stylus? Both methods could be used to notarize documents.

Catchy Notary Business Names

Totally Notary

This rhyming name implies the business is a focused specifically on notary services.

Undersign Services

The primary role of a notary is to undersign documents. Alliteration makes this name catchy.

Signature Solutions

Any notary with this alliterative name surely offers easy solutions to get a signature on a document.

Next Day Notary

An obvious company if you need a notary within the next day.

Stamp Notary

Refers to the physical act of stamping documents. This sensory word makes the name memorable.

Verity Notary

Verity means truth, and also has similar structure to notary making it catchy.

Notarized Now

This name uses alliteration to emphasize the immediate availability of notary services.

Cool Notary Business Names

Biro Notary

Refers to a type of pen and suggests a modern notary business.

Autograph Notary

Emphasizes the importance of the signature and plays on the excitement of a celebrity autograph.

Sterling Notary

Gives the customer a sense of solidity, consistent quality and reliability.

Quill Notary

Refers to the historical use of quills for writing and implies a trusted and proven business.

Manilla Notary

This name incorporates the color of the paper used for many legal documents.

Verum Notary

Translates as True Notary in Latin, conveying a commitment to trusted services.

Creative Notary Business Names

Hancock Notary

Refers to John Hancock, famous for signing the Declaration of Independence.

Sigil Notary

Reference to the ancient practice of sealing documents with a personal symbol or sigil.

Napkin Notary

Suggests a casual or quick service, perhaps even allowing for notarization on a cafe napkin.

Sword Notary

The pen is usually mightier than the sword but maybe this notary company name suggests otherwise.

Nib Notary

Named after the pointed end of a pen. Implies attention to detail and precision.

Scribe Notary

A scribe is a person who writes or copies documents. Scribe Notary could verify those documents.

Glyph Notary

This notary company name refers to glyphs, which are language symbols like hieroglyphics.

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