1000+ Ideas for Pressure Washing Business Names

A water splash word cloud made from word ideas for pressure washing business names

How to Name a Pressure Washing Business

Build your pressure washing word list

Before you can generate any business names you need a list of words related to pressure washing. By looking through a list of existing pressure washing business names I came up with a few unique themes to get you started.

  • Water-based animals — Animals make great brand names and when you’re using water it makes sense to have water-based animals. A dolphin is intelligent, an octopus has many hands, a starfish could be 5 star service.
  • Cleanliness — When you hire a pressure washing company you are hoping the end result is a very clean surface. Words like spotless, sparkling, bright and shiny give a good indication of the quality of finish your business promises.
  • Weather systems — The power of pressure washing can be captures by storm related words like hurricane and tornado.

Some other ideas based on our naming process could include water-based gods and angels, or maybe some gems like diamond that allude to the sparkling clean service.

Combine with common endings

The easiest way to generate a pressure washing business name is to use a formula. Simply combine your word list from step one with these popular endings from the industry. Across our list of pressure washing business names the most common endings (and the percentage of names they appeared in) included:

  • Pressure Washing (11.5%)
  • Cleaning (8.6%)
  • Power Washing (4.4%)
  • Services (4.2%)
  • Power Wash (3.8%)
  • Pressure Wash (3.7%)
  • Softwash (2.6%)
  • Window Cleaning (1.8%)
  • Solutions (1.5%)
  • PW (1.3%)
  • Pros (1.2%)
  • Prowash (1.0%)
  • Exterior Cleaning (0.6%)

Based on the first two steps we can create a list of pressure washing business names like Dolphin Pressure Washing and Tornado Cleaning.

What is a Good Name for a Pressure Washing Business?

  • Length — Most pressure washing company names contain 4 words or less. Of the 1559 companies in our dataset, 73.4% had a name with 4 words or less.
  • Domain name length — 57.5% of pressure washing companies that ranked in local searches use a domain name that is 18 characters or less (not including the domain extension). The longest domain name we found was 54 characters (evestidytouchcommercialresidentialcleaningservices.com).
  • Domain name extension — 92.9% of local pressure washing companies use a .com domain name. Less popular extensions include .net (3.9%) and .org (1.0%). Based on the last word in domain names some other suitable domain extensions could be .cleaning (8.6%) or .services (4.2%).
  • Localization — 15.3% of pressure washing companies that appeared highly in local search include their city or state in their domain name. 9.5% included their location in their company name (as it was shown on their business listing).
  • Business entity — Based on the titles used in local search listings the most popular business entity type for a pressure washing company is LLC (19.0%) followed by INC (4.4%).

Best Pressure Washing Business Names

We looked through 5076 domain names ending with pressurewashing to find the most popular names. This list is the best premium names that are available to purchase with the .com extension.

  • Precision Pressure Washing
  • Pure Pressure Washing
  • Precise Pressure Washing
  • Ace Pressure Washing
  • Coastal Pressure Washing
  • Supreme Pressure Washing
  • Spotless Pressure Washing
  • Superior Pressure Washing
  • Pinnacle Pressure Washing
  • Diamond Pressure Washing
  • Power Pressure Washing
  • Premium Pressure Washing
  • Advanced Pressure Washing
  • Express Pressure Washing
  • Applied Pressure Washing
  • Dynamic Pressure Washing
  • Reliable Pressure Washing
  • On Point Pressure Washing
  • Hotshot Pressure Washing
  • Advance Pressure Washing
  • Renew Pressure Washing

Funny Pressure Washing Business Names

  • Sudsy Malone
  • Spray It, Don’t Say It
  • Power Washing Rangers
  • So Fresh & So Clean
  • The Grime Reaper
  • Bubble Brothers
  • Blast Away
  • Blast Off
  • Wipeout Washing
Original Data

We have used original data to create this article. Our data comprises of 6635 pressure washing business names. You are welcome to download our datasets for your own research, all we ask is you link back to this article. More detailed data is available if you contact us.

  1. Local pressure washing business names (1559)
  2. Pressure washing domain names (5076)

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