1000+ Ideas for Event Planning Business Names

A champagne bottle made from word ideas for event planning business names

How To Name An Event Planning Business

Are you trying to come up with an event planning business name? These tips will help you to start generating some ideas in no time. You might also find some ideas from looking at wedding planning business names.

Consider words related to dancing and music

The data shows many event planning company names contain words related to dancing and music. It makes sense because most great events probably feature a little of both! When we see words like tango and conga we automatically start to visualize it, which makes for powerful brand names.

Consider names of flowers or foods & drinks

Other things commonly featured at events are flowers, food, and of course drinks. There are many varieties of flowers that offer a visual element to a business name, such as Magnolia Events or Orchid Events. Food and drink might be more common in catering business names but that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into stimulating words like olive (think martini) or espresso (suggesting fast results and energetic events).

Follow a proven plan

Using a checklist or template is a great way to start planning an event to ensure you get the basics right. Picking a business name doesn’t have to be much different. Follow the footsteps of other event planning companies and use one of the common endings below.

  • Events
  • Productions
  • Group
  • Management
  • Services
  • Entertainment
  • Design
  • Solutions
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Creative
  • Planning
  • Consulting
  • Promotions
  • Studio
  • Team
  • Designs
  • Planners
  • Projects
  • Concepts
  • Social
  • Experiences
  • Moments
  • Occasions
  • Celebrations

Best Event Planning Business Names

We analysed more than 1400 domain names ending with events to find the most popular combinations. Below are some of the best event planner business names according to the number of domain registrations.

  • Epic Events
  • Royal Events
  • VIP Events
  • Happy Events
  • Green Events
  • Star Events
  • Great Events
  • Dream Events
  • Big Events
  • Wow Events
  • Elite Events
  • Elegant Events
  • 360 Events
  • Prestige Events
  • Grand Events
  • Perfect Events
  • Premier Events
  • Amazing Events
  • Dynamic Events
  • Fusion Events
  • Iconic Events
  • Platinum Events
  • Hero Events
  • Power Events
  • Alpha Events
  • Signature Events
  • Impact Events
  • Concept Events
  • Focus Events
  • Key Events

Catchy Event Planning Business Names

Peacock Concepts

The connected vowels and sounds make this name catchy, helped by the powerful visual of a peacock.

Conga Events

Everybody has heard of the conga and has a memory of dancing. This sensory word makes the name memorable.

Orchid Occasions

Orchids are rare and beautiful plants, and this business would plan events for rare and beautiful occasions.

Salsa Services

There is alliteration in salsa but combine it with services too and it’s an extremely catchy name.

Cool Event Planning Business Names

Ballad Events

A ballad is a powerful piece of music. This company name suggests it will plan powerful events.

Showtime Planning

When it comes to showtime you want everything to go well. This name suggests expert planning for the big event.

Unforgettable Agency

The perfect event should be completely unforgettable. This agency name organises those perfect events.

Groove Planning

When you’re in the groove everything is going to plan. This company would plan stylish events that always go smoothly.

Bravo Celebrations

This business would plan celebrations that are so good they are worthy of a round of applause.

Volto Events

A volto is a Venetian mask. They are linked to cool events like Venice Carnival and masquerade balls, making this a cool business name.

Red Carpet Planning

Walking down the red carpet is a cool feeling. This company would make both the client and guests feel special.

Creative Event Planning Business Names

Tempo Planning

This event planning business sounds like it will always deliver on-time, and is also a reference to dancing and music tempo.

Cancan Events

Only the best events end up with all guests linking arms and doing a cancan dance. Also suggests that anything can be achieved.

Sparkling Experiences

Sparkling is a type of wine you might see at some events and is also a visual description. Double meaning can make great brands.

Jambo Events

A jamboree is a fun event. Cut out a few letters and you have this unique and catchy brand name.

Caper Events

A caper is a fun or fast dance and an ingredient you might see in canapes. Every event needs canapes.

Unique Event Planning Business Names

Bella Vita Productions

Bella vita means beautiful life in Italian. This company could produce beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime events.

Gala Planning

This business name almost perfectly describes the service of planning a big party or gala.

Tango Planning

Dancing the tango is a unique skill, and so is planning a great event. It is the perfect balance of skill and fun.

Spectacular Concepts

Spectacular is an adjective and a noun in the domain of events, making it a perfect events company name.

Silver Experiences

Silver is the symbol of a 25th anniversary and also suggests high quality like silverware. This business would deliver high quality experiences.

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