1000+ Ideas For Catering Business Names

A food platter made from word ideas for catering business names

How To Name A Catering Business

Are you trying to come up with a catering business name? These tips will help you to start generating some ideas in no time. You can also check out event planning business names for some additional ideas.

Try food words like vegetables and spices

Some of the most popular words to use in a catering business name are food items like pumpkin and paprika. Food words make memorable brands because they stimulate our senses.

Consider your local area

Most catering businesses serve a geographical area to keep the food fresh. So for simple SEO you can use your city or service area in the business name, such as Boston Catering.

Stick with a proven recipe

Excuse the cooking pun but it’s best to stick to the recipe when naming your catering business. The most popular names are common for a reason: they work. Combine these common endings with the suggestions above and you will be able to generate lots of available catering business names.

  • Food
  • Foods
  • Catering
  • Gourmet
  • Services
  • Kitchen
  • Fresh
  • Chef
  • Taste
  • Events
  • Cuisine
  • Culinary
  • Casa
  • Cooking
  • Family
  • Nutrition
  • Brothers
  • Caterers
  • Box
  • Concepts
  • Artisan
  • Direct
  • Chefs
  • Sons
  • Eats
  • Cooks
  • Sisters

Unique Catering Business Names

Gusto Caterers

Some non-English words just sound great and gusto is a perfect one for the catering industry.

Sensations Catering

Hopefully your customers experience all the different sensations when they try your food.

Peppermint Foods

Peppermint makes your mouth feel fresh, and this company name suggests fresh food.

Marjoram Catering

This popular herb would make a great name for a popular catering business.

Upper Crust Events

If you want to target luxury events this could be the perfect food-related business name.

Walnut Catering

Walnuts are a healthy snack, making this a great name for a healthy catering business.

Chili & Chive

This name combines two memorable flavours and the matching sounds make it extra catchy.

Tomato Catering

Tomatoes are in almost every meal, and this business could help almost every customer.

Catchy Catering Business Names

Barbecue Boxes

Everybody loves a barbecue so what could beat a full box of the barbecue foods.

Street Food Services

Street food is designed for eating on the go so is a great style for events and functions.

Kale Catering

This name uses alliteration to make it a memorable name for healthy caterers.

Chicory Chef

This tasty name is a bit of a tongue-twister but that makes it even more memorable.

Caraway Kitchen

Not only does this name use alliteration but it has a nice flowing sound from the vowels.

Prestige Platters

Luxury catering is a competitive industry so platters of high-quality food are essential.

Habanero Bros

This rhyming name is as cool as it is catchy. This sounds like a family business with great food.

Cool Catering Business Names

Bon Platter

We all say bon appetit before enjoying food. Bon Platter delivers food you can enjoy.

Harissa Catering

This unique foreign flavour makes a great name for a catering business with fusion cuisine.

Cilantro Sisters

This catchy name is a great family brand and makes me think of fresh, healthy food.

Feast Gourmet

Providing a gourmet feast is exactly what customers want from a catering business.

Creative Catering Business Names

Divine Chefs

Divine means tasty, but this name also suggests these chefs have god-like skills.

Umami Events

This name suggests the events they service will be both tasty and tasteful.


Galangal is a tropical spice and the gals that choose this name would have a tasty business.

Taste Buddies

This friendly name is a fun twist on a common catering term, tastebuds.


Catering is about having food in-situ. Combine this with citrus and you have this zesty name.

Sesame Catering

Open sesame is a phrase we hear in magic. This name suggests magical catering experiences.

Encasa Kitchen

En casa translate to at home, so this name would be great for an at home catering business.

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