9 Red Moon Logos: Ideas For A Cool Lunar Logo

Six red moon logo examples

9 Real World Examples Of Red Moon Logos

I went out and found some real world examples of businesses using a red moon in a logo or their name. Below are some of the best examples of red moon logos. Remember that these are real companies and the logos may be trademarked, so you don’t want to copy them.

You might be surprised to know there is a unique variety of apple (the fruit) called the Red Moon. It is grown in Italy and has a unique red flesh, and uses this clever logo where an apple silhouette creates a red crescent moon.
This Japanese leather designer uses a Native American themed logo. They have used Red Moon as the name for an artisanal crafts business since 1993.
This red crescent moon design is actually album art of a South Korean girl band called Mamamoo for their EP Red Moon.
Red Moon Asian Cuisine is a Thai restaurant in Minnesota (USA). They use this red crescent moon as a substitute for the letter O in the logo.
This logo was used for Red Moon Resources, an industrial minerals company extracting minerals like gypsum. They have since rebranded to Atlas Salt and use a much less colorful logo.
A white circle is used to symbolize the moon in this clean red moon logo used by a music studio in Australia. The bright colors help the logo stand out.
In this logo for Red Moon Productions — a media and podcasting company — a roll of film nicely represents the surface of the moon and a red crescent finishes off the illusion of a red moon.
The hand-drawn style of this red moon logo instantly tells customers that this jewelry company offers unique and hand-crafted pieces.
Professionalism shines through in this logo for a consulting company named Red Moon. The letter O is replaced with a red moon which overlaps to create a cool eclipse effect.

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