Graphic Design Business Names: Ideas & Inspiration

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If you are looking for graphic design business name ideas and inspiration this post can help. Below we analyze nearly 24,000 names to discover what makes a good graphic design business name.

How to Name a Graphic Design Business

Curate a list of graphic design related words

If you need some advice on how to come up with a graphic design business name then my first tip is to curate a list of words related to the services you will be offering like logo design, printing, or animation. To get you started I have looked through thousands of company names to come up with a few initial themes.

  • All the colors of the rainbow — One of the main tools at the disposal of every graphic designer is color. Every design you make will be filled with color. The best part is there are so many unique words to choose from like vermilion, seafoam and juniper.
  • Different design tools — A popular choice for any business name is to include the materials or tools you might use as a brand. As a digital designer you will be using a point and click to move around a pixel or two. Every designer needs a canvas and ink.
  • Refer to vision and imagination — Graphic designers offer creativity as a service. You are selling your imagination. You can use words like mind, vision and dream, and even adjectives that pair with those like vivid, bright and lucid.

Common endings for graphic design business names

The easiest way to generate a graphic design business name is to use a proven formula. You can combine your words from step one with these popular endings from other design company names. In brackets is the percentage of business names that the ending appeared in.

  • Design (12.3%)
  • Graphics (6.6%)
  • Creative (4.6%)
  • Designs (4.2%)
  • Studio (2.6%)
  • Printing (2.4%)
  • Media (2.4%)
  • Signs (1.6%)
  • Studios (1.4%)
  • Print (1.3%)
  • Marketing (1.3%)
  • Group (1.3%)
  • Company (1.1%)
  • Graphix (1.0%)
  • Solutions (0.8%)
  • Web Design (0.8%)
  • Graphic Design (0.8%)
  • Design Co (0.8%)
  • Design Studio (0.7%)
  • Agency (0.7%)
  • Digital (0.6%)
  • Art (0.4%)
  • Branding (0.4%)
  • Web (0.4%)
  • Press (0.4%)
  • Designer (0.4%)
  • Design Group (0.4%)
  • Prints (0.4%)
  • GFX (0.3%)
  • Creations (0.3%)
  • Grafix (0.3%)
  • Graphic (0.3%)
  • Creative Design (0.3%)
  • Services (0.3%)
  • Works (0.3%)
  • Productions (0.3%)
  • Creative Co (0.2%)
  • Signs & Graphics (0.2%)
  • Made (0.2%)
  • Media Group (0.2%)
  • Visual (0.2%)
  • Pros (0.2%)
  • Advertising (0.2%)

What is a Good Name for a Graphic Design Business?

  • Length — Most graphic design business names contain three words or less. Out of 3,421 local companies analyzed, 71.1% had a name with three words or less.
  • Domain name length — 53.6% of graphic designers that ranked in local searches use a domain name that is 13 characters or less. The longest domain name we found was 40 characters (
  • Domain name extensions — 88.9% of local graphic design businesses use a .com domain name. Less popular extensions include .net (4.1%) and .co (1.9%). Based on the last word in domain names some other suitable domain extensions could be .design (12.3%) or .graphics (6.6%).
  • Localization — 6.8% of graphic design businesses that appeared highly in local search include their city or state in their domain name, less than many other industries. 6.3% included their location in their company name (as it was shown on their business listing).
  • Business entity — Based on the titles used in local search listings the most popular business entity type for a graphic design business is LLC (7.0%) followed by Inc (5.8%).

Best Graphic Design Business Names

We looked through 19,311 domain names ending with designstudio, and some other variations to find the most popular graphic design business names measured by the number of domain names taken. This list is the best names that are available to purchase with the .com extension.

  • Green Studio
  • Brand Studio
  • Pixel Design
  • Alpha Design
  • Zen Design
  • Fox Design
  • Moon Studio
  • Flow Studio
  • 360 Studio
  • Brandesign
  • Total Design
  • Magic Studio
  • Mind Design
  • Fast Design
  • Bee Design
  • Neo Studio
  • Color Studio
  • Wave Studio
  • Ace Studio
  • Click Studio
  • Iconic Design
  • Focus Studio
  • Dynamic Design
  • Cake Studio
  • Art of Design
  • Bau Design
  • Made Design
  • Bear Studio
  • Grafik Design
  • Arte Design
  • Grid Studio
  • Inspire Studio
  • Good Studio
  • Shift Design
  • Monkey Studio
  • Karma Studio
  • Purple Design
  • Square Studio
  • Wonder Design

Good Graphic Design Business Names

Based on the characteristics of a good business name we have selected some real companies that have good names. These are selected from our long list of 3,421 local graphic design business names.

  • Alchemy Design
  • Chameleon Graphix
  • Flipline Studios
  • Inception Designs
  • Octane Design Studios
  • Liquid Graphics
  • Design Force
  • Plaudit Design
  • Spry Digital
  • Artillery Media
  • Tenth Element
  • Alpha Graphics
  • Pixel Lab Designs
  • Design Wolf
  • Design Musketeer
  • Brand Genius
  • Odyssey Design
  • Left Hand Design
  • Victory Graphics
  • Swell Design

Creative Graphic Design Business Names

Below are some real graphic design companies that have a creative business name. If you ever hear a business name and think “that’s clever”, that means it is probably a very creative business name, or it can simply be a name that makes you think twice.

  • Viva Las Logos
  • Light House Graphics
  • Pixels & Dots
  • DSign Printing
  • Icon Graphics
  • Beacon Media
  • In Creative Company
  • Miss Details Design
  • Inspiring Minds
  • Squires & Company
  • Oasis Interactive
  • Mode Productions
  • Mango Ink
  • Wrapture Graphics
  • Vividly Bold
  • Glide Design
  • Five & Four
  • New Day Creative
  • The Creative Stack
  • Elixir Design

Catchy Graphic Design Business Names

Below are some current graphic design companies that have catchy names. Remember that a catchy business name can use alliteration, rhyme or other concepts to be more memorable.

  • Design Asylum
  • Muse Marketing & Design
  • Conscious Creator
  • Red Room Advertising
  • Vivid Ink Graphics
  • Fargo Design Co
  • Mithril Media
  • Alpine Design
  • Strive Enterprise
  • Stan Can Design
  • Inkworks Inc
  • Coastal Creative
  • Katie Did Design
  • Key Web Concepts
  • Great Graphics
  • Delicious Graphic Design
  • Cosmo Creative
  • Pixel Parlor
  • Blackstone Studio
  • Amplus Agency
Original Data

We have used original data to create this article. Our data comprises of 22732 graphic design business names. You are welcome to download our datasets for your own research, all we ask is you link back to this article. More detailed data is available if you contact us.

  1. Local graphic design business names (3421)
  2. Graphic design business domain names (19311)

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