1000+ Ideas for Landscaping Company Names

A house and garden made from word ideas for landscaping company names

If you are looking for landscaping business name ideas and inspiration this post can help. Below we analyze close to 13,000 names to discover what makes a good landscaping company name.

How to Name a Landscaping Company

Carve out a landscaping word list

If you need some tips for how to come up with a landscaping company name then the first tip is to think of the services you will be offering and make a list of words related to those services. I looked through thousands of company names to come up with a few initial themes. You could also borrow some ideas from lawn care business names as they are similarly focused on services in the garden.

  • Look beneath your feet — Landscaping is about creating something from the ground. Think about words related to our planet like earth, terra firma, and mantle. Think about it’s geographical features like Atlas mountains and related words like mesa and sierra.
  • Think about beautiful views — The end result of a landscaping project should be a beautiful space to live outdoors. There are beautiful views like vista, outlook, and panorama or maybe just think about words to describe a relaxing garden like serenity, harmony, and sanctuary.
  • Get names from nature — Plants, flowers, and trees are all things you might use in landscape design. Trees are great brand names as they are symbols of longevity and wisdom. Maple, oak, elm and pine are some well known tree names that are short and easy to spell, which is important for a good company name.

Common endings for landscaping company names

The fastest way to generate a company name is to look at what already exists. You can combine your words from step one with any of these popular endings from other landscape company names. In brackets is the percentage of business names that the ending appeared in.

  • Landscaping (13.2%)
  • Care (9.5%)
  • Landscape (7.5%)
  • Services (6.0%)
  • Lawns (2.8%)
  • Service (2.2%)
  • Landscapes (2.0%)
  • Lawn & Landscape (1.6%)
  • Solutions (0.7%)
  • Landscaper (0.5%)
  • Pros (0.5%)
  • Landscapers (0.5%)
  • Outdoor Services (0.5%)
  • Landcare (0.5%)
  • Yard (0.3%)
  • Green (0.3%)
  • Design (0.3%)
  • Gardens (0.3%)
  • Gardening (0.3%)
  • Outdoor (0.3%)
  • Garden (0.2%)
  • Construction (0.2%)
  • Greens (0.2%)
  • Garden Services (0.2%)
  • Lawnscape (0.2%)
  • Company (0.2%)
  • Works (0.2%)

What is a Good Name for a Landscaping Company?

  • Length — Most landscaping business names are four words in length or less. Of the 1482 companies in our dataset, 67.9% used a name containing four words or less.
  • Domain name length — In our local searches the median length for a landscapers domain name was 14 characters or less (not including the domain extension). 36.1% of landscaping companies used a domain with 14 characters or less. The longest domain name uncovered was 41 characters (fredysgardeningandlandscapingservices.com).
  • Domain name extensions — 94.1% of local landscaping companies use a .com domain name. Less popular extensions include .net (3.9%) and .org (0.7%). Based on the last word in domain names some other suitable domain extensions could be .care (9.5%) or .services (6.0%).
  • Localization — 16.7% of landscaping companies that ranked well in local search include the city or state in their domain name. 8.2% included their location in the full company name (as it was shown on their business listing).
  • Business entity — Based on the title used in local search profiles the most popular business entity for a landscaping company is LLC (19.1%) followed by Inc (8.8%).

Best Landscaping Company Names

We looked through 11,303 domain names ending with landscaping, landscapes, landscaper, and landscapers to find the most popular landscaping business names measured by the number of domain names that are taken. This list contains some of the best premium names that are available to purchase with the .com extension.

  • Green Landscaping
  • Urban Landscapes
  • Keep It Green Landscaping
  • Prestige Landscaping
  • Impact Landscaping
  • Pinnacle Landscaping
  • Amazing Landscapes
  • Lush Landscapes
  • Peak Landscapes
  • Designer Landscapes
  • Inspired Landscapes
  • Green Life Landscaping
  • Thrive Landscaping
  • Greenway Landscaping
  • Sequoia Landscaping
  • Lavish Landscapes
  • Terra Landscapes
  • Lotus Landscapes
  • Divine Landscapes
  • Magnolia Landscapes
  • Eden Landscapes
  • Greentree Landscapes
  • Outlook Landscapes
  • Native Landscaping
  • Total Landscaping
  • Central Landscaping
  • Go Green Landscaping
  • Eagle Landscaping
  • Epic Landscaping
Original Data

We have used original data to create this article. Our data comprises of 12785 landscaping company names. You are welcome to download our datasets for your own research, all we ask is you link back to this article. More detailed data is available if you contact us.

  1. Local landscaping company names (1482)
  2. Landscaping company domain names (11303)

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