1000+ Ideas for Lawn Care Business Names

A lawn mower word cloud made from word ideas for lawn care business names

If you are looking for lawn care business name ideas and inspiration this post can help. Below we analyze more than 21,000 names to discover what makes a good lawn care business name.

How to Name a Lawn Care Business

Create a list of words related to lawn mowing

If you are wondering how to come up with a lawn care business name then the first step it to assemble a list of words related to the services you will be offering like lawn mowing and landscaping. By looking through our data with thousands of company names I came up with a few initial themes for inspiration.

  • Animals that eat grass — The most natural type of lawn care is just to get some animals grazing on it! They might not always leave it tidy but animals make great brandable business names. Sheep, deer, rabbits, giraffes, elephants and antelopes are just some of the domestic and exotic animals that eat mostly grass.
  • Different shades of green — A great lawn will have a slightly different color in different seasons and light. Colors are also great for beautiful and sensory business names. Some common hues of green include forest, lime, olive, sage, emerald, and mint.
  • Words starting with green — Sticking with the color theme why not just use a catchy word starting with green. There are lots of interesting words starting with green that also relate to gardening like greenhouse, green thumb, greenery, and green space. Or even unrelated words like green room would be great for a VIP service or greenbelt which refers to green space but also a karate belt.

Common endings for lawn care business names

The easiest way to generate a business name is to use a proven formula. You can combine your words from step one with these popular endings from other landscaping names. In brackets is the percentage of business names that the ending appeared in.

  • Lawn Care (11.9%)
  • Landscaping (9.1%)
  • Lawn (6.6%)
  • Services (6.1%)
  • Landscape (4.9%)
  • Lawns (3.6%)
  • Lawn Service (2.8%)
  • Lawn Services (1.5%)
  • Maintenance (1.4%)
  • Landscapes (1.2%)
  • Lawn & Landscape (1.1%)
  • Mowing (0.8%)
  • Pros (0.8%)
  • Turf (0.8%)
  • Green (0.7%)
  • Lawn Maintenance (0.6%)
  • Solutions (0.5%)
  • Lawn Mowing (0.4%)
  • Yard Care (0.4%)
  • Management (0.3%)
  • Landscaper (0.3%)
  • Land Care (0.3%)
  • Lawn & Snow (0.3%)
  • Lawn Enforcement (0.3%)
  • Outdoors Services (0.3%)
  • Grass (0.3%)
  • Landscapers (0.3%)
  • Gardening (0.3%)

What is a Good Name for a Lawn Care Business?

  • Length — Most lawn care business names contain 4 words or less. Of the 2588 companies in our dataset, 69.6% had a name with 4 words or less.
  • Domain name length — 39.7% of lawn care businesses that ranked in local searches use a domain name that is 14 characters or less (not including the domain extension). The longest domain name we found was 42 characters (RamirezInternationalLandscapingAndTree.com)!
  • Domain name extensions — 93.3% of local lawn care businesses use a .com domain name. Less popular extensions include .net (3.8%) and .org (1.0%). Based on the last word in domain names some other suitable domain extensions could be .care (12.9%) or .services (6.1%).
  • Localization — 15.7% of lawn care businesses that appeared highly in local search include their city or state in their domain name. 8.6% included their location in their company name (as it was shown on their business listing).
  • Business entity — Based on the titles used in local search listings the most popular business entity type for a lawn care business is LLC (19.2%) versus Inc (7.7%).

Best Lawn Care Business Names

We looked through 18,455 domain names ending with landscaping, lawn care, lawn service, lawn services and lawns to find the most popular lawn care business names measured by the number of domain names taken. This list is the best names that are available to purchase with the .com extension.

  • Green Landscaping
  • Total Lawn Care
  • Lush Lawns
  • Keep It Green Landscaping
  • Fair Lawns
  • Pinnacle Landscaping
  • Affordable Lawn Care
  • Greenway Landscaping
  • Thrive Landscaping
  • Sequoia Landscaping
  • Green Life Landscaping
  • Natures Way Landscaping
  • New Look Landscaping
  • 4 Seasons Lawn Care
  • Blades Lawn Care
  • Native Landscaping
  • Clean Cut Landscaping
  • Fresh Cut Lawns
  • Go Green Landscaping
  • Lovely Lawns
  • Deep Green Landscaping
  • Simply Lawn Care
  • Top Cut Lawn Care
  • Greens Lawn Care
  • Spring Lawn Care
  • New Life Lawn Care
  • Greenleaf Lawn Care
  • Vista Landscaping
  • A Cut Above Landscaping
  • Sierra Landscaping
  • Greenwood Landscaping
  • Evergreen Landscaping
  • Rising Sun Landscaping

Funny Lawn Care Business Names

  • Lawn Enforcement
  • Lawn & Order
  • Mowtivation
  • The Lawn Ranger
  • Mow Money, Mow Problems
  • Blade Runners
  • Mowtown Lawn Care
  • A Cut Above
  • Grasschoppers
  • Green Goblin
Original Data

We have used original data to create this article. Our data comprises of 21,043 lawn care business names. You are welcome to download our datasets for your own research, all we ask is you link back to this article. More detailed data is available if you contact us.

  1. Local lawn care business names (2,588)
  2. Lawn care business domain names (18,455)

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