1000+ Wonderful Wedding Planning Business Names

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If you are looking for wedding planner business names ideas then this post is for you. Below we analyze more than 11,500 business names used by wedding planners to discover what makes a great wedding planning business name.

How to Name a Wedding Planning Business

Create a list of words used by wedding planners

If you are curious how to come up with a wedding planning business name then my first tip is to assemble a list of words related to wedding planning and weddings in general. To get started check out a few themes below that I have selected from the thousands of wedding planner business names that already exist. You might also find some inspiration from looking at event planning business names.

  • Shades of white — The feature color on any wedding day is white. White weddings has nice alliteration but other shades of white like pearl, snow, ivory and chiffon could give your business a bit more character. Or maybe even coconut for something a bit more tropical.
  • Beauty and glamour — One word that you will hear at every wedding is beautiful. Every bride wants their wedding to be beautiful and you can sell into this by having a wedding planning business name that includes words like stunning, belle, bella, splendid, dazzling, and enchanting.
  • Lasting and memorable — A dream wedding is memorable and a dream marriage is long lasting. You can capture that fairytale sentiment in your business name with phrases like everlasting, forever after, timeless, divine and eternal.

Common endings for wedding planning business names

The easiest way to produce a list of wedding planning business names is to review what is already out there. Just combine your words from step one with these common endings from the business names of wedding planners and event planners. In brackets I have noted the percentage of business names that the word appeared in.

  • Events (28.7%)
  • Weddings (6.7%)
  • Co (2.7%)
  • Planning (2.5%)
  • Design (2.1%)
  • Event (1.8%)
  • Weddings and Events (1.5%)
  • Event Planning (1.4%)
  • Wedding (1.0%)
  • Designs (0.8%)
  • Event Design (0.8%)
  • Planner (0.8%)
  • Productions (0.8%)
  • Entertainment (0.7%)
  • Rentals (0.7%)
  • Planners (0.5%)
  • Catering (0.5%)
  • Company (0.4%)
  • Bride (0.4%)
  • Services (0.4%)
  • Collective (0.4%)
  • Occasions (0.4%)
  • Wedding Planner (0.4%)
  • Decor (0.4%)
  • Details (0.4%)
  • Center (0.4%)
  • Affairs (0.4%)
  • Coordination (0.3%)
  • Creations (0.3%)
  • Day (0.3%)
  • Celebrations (0.3%)
  • Rental (0.3%)
  • Storybook Events (0.3%)
  • Wedding Planning (0.3%)
  • Elegant Events (0.3%)
  • Bridal (0.3%)
  • Venue (0.3%)
  • Dreams (0.3%)
  • Soiree (0.3%)
  • Group (0.2%)
  • Wedding Planners (0.2%)
  • Event Services (0.2%)
  • Party Rentals (0.2%)
  • Studio (0.2%)
  • Ceremonies (0.2%)
  • Vows (0.2%)

What is a Good Name for a Wedding Planning Business?

  • Length — Most wedding planner business names contain three words or less. Of the 1908 planners in my data, over 55% had a name that was three words or less.
  • Domain name length — 64.8% of wedding planning businesses that ranked in local searches use a domain name that is 17 characters or less (not including the domain extension). The longest domain name I found was 41 characters (hannahsweddingofficiantservices.solutions).
  • Domain name extensions — 94.4% of wedding planners use a .com domain name. The second and third most popular extensions are .net (1.7%) and .co (0.9%). Based on the last word in domain names some other suitable domain extensions could be .events (28.7%) or .design (2.1%).
  • Localization — 7.2% of wedding planners that appear highly in their local search results include their city or state in their domain name. 5.4% include their location in their business name (at least as shown on their business listing).
  • Business entity — Based on the titles used in local search listings the most popular business entity type for a wedding planning business is LLC (8.4%) followed by Inc (1.8%).

Best Wedding Planning Business Names

These wedding planning business names are some of the most popular based on the number of related domain names that have been registered.

  • Perfect Weddings
  • Your Wedding Planner
  • Simply Weddings
  • Timeless Weddings
  • Lovely Weddings
  • Wonderful Weddings
  • Forever Weddings
  • Just Weddings
  • Infinity Weddings & Events
  • Divine Weddings
  • Wildflower Weddings
  • Storybook Weddings
  • Bespoke Weddings
  • Events & Weddings
  • Aurora Weddings
  • Fabulous Weddings
  • Paragon Weddings
  • Ever After Weddings
  • Rose Weddings
  • Online Wedding Planner
  • Enchanted Weddings
  • Yes Weddings
  • Heavenly Weddings
  • Castle Weddings
  • Affinity Weddings
  • Art of Weddings
  • All Things Weddings
  • Marquee Weddings
  • Glorious Weddings
  • Dream Weddings & Events
  • I Do Weddings & Events
  • Memorable Weddings
  • Inspired Weddings
  • Luna Weddings
  • Hitched Weddings
  • Exceptional Weddings
  • Eternal Weddings
  • Save The Date Weddings
  • Fantasy Weddings
  • Dream Day Weddings
  • Tie The Knot Weddings
  • Amore Weddings
  • Starlight Weddings
  • Embrace Weddings
  • I Do Wedding Planning
  • Sorrento Weddings
  • With Love Weddings
  • Bond Weddings
  • Lifetime Weddings
  • Evergreen Weddings
  • Emerald Weddings
  • Forevermore Weddings
  • Fusion Weddings
  • Dreams Weddings
  • Sacred Weddings
  • Rainforest Weddings
  • Wondrous Weddings
  • Bright Weddings
  • Imagine Weddings
  • For The Love Of Weddings
  • True Weddings
  • Once Upon A Time Weddings
Original Data

We have used original data to create this article. Our data comprises of 11,674 wedding planner business names. You are welcome to download our datasets for your own research, all we ask is you link back to this article. More detailed data is available if you contact us.

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